Think All Industrial CPVC Pipe is the Same? Think Again.  
On the surface, it’s tough to tell one brand of CPVC apart from another. Pipe is pipe, right? Wrong. We believe the process behind the pipe makes a difference. And the stringent control of the manufacturing process behind Coastline Plastics’ EverTUFF Industrial CPVC sets it a cut above the rest. Sure EverTUFF is easy to assemble and install. And thanks to the long lifespan of the plastic, EverTUFF CPVC is virtually maintenance-free.
With EverTUFF CPVC pipe, you get more. You get the only CPVC pipe on the market manufactured completely in-house – from blending through production with state-of-the-art quality control.

This is what makes EverTUFF the best pipe for the job. Why CPVC pipe?

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Never corrodes, pits or scales
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • NSF-pw approved

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Chemical Resistance of EverTUFF Industrial CPVC Pipe



EverTuff Industrial CPVC Flyer

Among the many advantages of EverTUFF CPVC pipe is easy, permanent jointing using solvent-welded cement fusing.

Continual testing is performed on our finished product as it comes off the manufacturing line. This ensures that every shipment of EverTUFF CPVC meets our stringent standards of quality.